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I'm now at the stage where I'll begin guiding others in my forestry work. I know I started this side gig with the notion of helping people tap in and write from their center. But...eeek! I feel sort of odd telling people about it thus far, and I've been calling it my "forestry work" because I haven't had the words to really describe it to my peers in business. Perhaps because I'm a bit afraid to really say what it is. Much of this is heart-centered work. The stuff I'm really into anyway. After all, what do I have to take with me when I pass anyway? So, as I get closer to this edge, I realize that this is sort of "coming-out" for me.

People have often described me as a bit of a mystery, and I've often used this to my advantage in getting any kind of work done, especially when I have my business "hat" on. But this type of training has put me squarely back in the spot where I was when I was in graduate school. Writing my thoughts and visions down. You know, the things that might get you locked up in the ward. It's nothing crazy really, if I've always experienced it I guess, but to others, getting in touch with your feelings and intuition can seem quite radical, and threatening.

We are trained from such an early age to fit into a tamed model of the world, and I've always been saddened by the loss of what potential we're all probably missing. So, as a person who has a respectable position in the real world, and someone who's expected to carry the mantle of a family business forward, yeah, you could say this is a little scary for me...this process of guiding people in the forest...this work of helping people to write it out, to think it out. To say what they actually want to say.

I do want to offer my work to both the individual and corporate world. Because I don't see any progression of humanity on this rock unless we learn how to deeply connect with nature. No, to remember nature. After all, it is nature who is the target of our current business model, is it not? Infinite production in a finite world? Conquest? Consolidation? Don't laugh, how many times have you checked your social media today? How many times have you asked yourself if you had enough money to live "comfortably" but you're afraid to acknowledge that all you have, is right now? Nothing more. But we're all super scared to first, acknowledge it, and then second, to do anything about it. So we find ways to distract ourselves. Everyone does it. I do it. Bring on the binge-watching and overeating.

Because there is no model forward, and what has been presented up until this point through art and science has been appreciated yes, but then simply squashed as nutsoid and heresy...because in the haunting words of Thomas the Tank effective are we at becoming useful? Useful to what? I feel now is a good as any to divorce my usefulness from my desire, which is not a bad thing folks, to simply just be and perhaps even productively "waste" my time.

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