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Jason C. VennerAug 15, 2020 7:47am


I'm excited, I've been doing a lot of work and making a lot of progress recently, without realizing it. There are good vibes right, even though at Clampco I'm completely exhausted regarding the state of the virus, another pending election cycle, working into a "new normal," and the idea that I'll always be making big decisions that profoundly affect people's lives. But I suppose that is my purpose in life, and I can't really ever seem to run away from responsibilities. Big ones at that. It is in my blueprint.

So I'm up for the challenge, and I've been energized, supported and coached by people around me who make a difference. My wife of course is a cornerstone of me trying to get this thing going. I've also been going back and forth with a good friend of mine who is completing some visual artwork to complement my own writing. I've also been taking weekly hikes with a new freind of mine who has helped me delve into my deeper psychological motivations of what it means to be myself, a leader, a businessman, an artist, and a father all wrapped into one. I've learned that people try to compartmentalize their lives, by working all week, and then shifting into weekend mode, and then doing it all over again, and I feel this is the basis of our disconnection with oursleves - the way we hate our thoughts and our bodies, and this transfers into our business dealings as well. It creates dischord, a lot of play acting, boasting, and odd behavior that really isn't reflective of ourselves, and not to mention, not really necessary.

Further, how wonderful would it be, to allow more perspective into your business and your personal life? I speak to all, but specifically to white businessmen here. Listen to women and minorities more, and let them know they're heard. People respond instantly to kindness and receptivity, so why not make it one of the conernstones of your operation, and life? The only thing you have to lose is your crusty old self or habits that may not have been doing anything to propel you or your business forward.

I know, there he goes with that hippie stuff again...But it's true. Say good morning to people you normally wouldn't. Ask people questions if you don't know instead of repeating canned phrases that you may not even agree with. Be vulnerable. Ask someone if there is anything you can do to help them. Laugh more. I feel the business world/work culture beginning to change, and for the better, but that can also be vulnerable to the everyday trickster and the "loud talker" who's afraid that change will rob them of their hard earned IRA. This simply just isn't true. My father started his company as a quiet and soft-spoken guy who just wanted to make good clamps. He listened to his wife. He listened to his employees. He trusted his gut. He's proven that not being a jerk can bring one success, and those around who may be lifted by such efforts.

Keep tapping into the people around you who are smart and supportive. Challenge those who are angry or simply wrong about something, but do it in a way that invites dialogue and not conflict. I've found that a lot of times, myself included, that people sometimes simply aren't aware of how their positions or attitudes have contributed to them feeling or being "stuck." As one of my favrote song writers Rob Dickinson sings, "you just gotta smile, and hang out with intelligent people."

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