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Whisper Shifter LLCMar 18, 2020 7:07pm

Peeking Beyond the Curtain

American Life Changed the moment we saw epidemiologists telling us this was going to be real, and fast. In times such as these, we all recoil back to lizard brain as I like to call it. Looking inward and to ourselves. This is hard-wired into us, yes. And we must take care of ourselves and ours. Absolutely. But we're also wired, no, woven throughout the collective unconscience.

Now, is not the time to sit upon piles of gathered resources, haughtily looking down on others for their lack of cleverness. Darkness wins, you see, when we allow it speak too loudly, as it oozes and groans from unkempt spaces within our hearts. COVID-19 has already devasted our confidence in our economic system, let alone our belief that we as humans, who think we can live outside of nature, and who have created all of the problems of this world, can't think out way out of this. We can. Most certainly. By trusting one another and sharing in a time when we have driven wedges into even our own families based on political affilation to the point where people pass away without ever having spoken again.

I cannot change the world on my own. Any living creature instinctively knows this to be but a fool's errand. Simple acts of kindess rather, perhaps even of the simplest gratitude, are the tiny packets of energy that slow the brooding and visceral dark matter that seems set to destroy our minds. Our god given right to freely think...which in my experience, can only establish a direct connection with the Divine is under attack. Only now, when we are faced with not having our creature comforts and xenophobia becomes more palpable, do we need to fight, literally, for our future as a human race.

With that said, I've been turned off by the fact that I can't publish my work - more specificically my unconscoius knowing - without having it be "approved." I simply don't care about being artistically "acceptable" any longer. So, in the spirit of this post and in you getting to know me more, I've decided to publish a series of my latest work on this blog. For free. Even if you spend two minutes making fun of my work for what it's lacking, I'll still have made my mission a success, by giving you something to think about, if even just a momentary image.

Imagination "1,"

Bad Guys "0"

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