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Goals can be daunting. Debilitating even. Like a curse that nags at you over time the longer they marinate in the back of your head. Self-inflicted hangovers, following you, everywhere you go. A few summers ago, I was walking along a residential ridge of the Smokey Mountains on a family vacation. It was a balmy evening and I was simply enjoying the horizon, running its ragged cut along the sky, and I thought to myself how great it would be if I could just simply think for a living, and helping others think as well. It was a simple notion really, almost embrassing when I uttered it out loud to myself! But it kept gnawing at me for the rest of that summer and beyond, until one day, I happened to stumble upon a book about Albert Einstein. In it he mentioend - in more or less words - that thinking, for thinking's sake, is what can be the impetus for change in the world. I was sold! My heart knew it, and my mind shifted into what was possible instead of what was impossible at that moment.

I had been a pretty dedicated hiker during my graduate school days, but that had been set aside as the realities of family life set in and I dove into a career in Human Resource Management. But I thought that if I could at least get started, scratching away at that darkness here and there on hikes or in my den at night while my boys slept, if even for a small amount each day while I helped others, I could change my life. Break free from a life of self-imposed rules and obligations. And if I changed my life first, it would be easier to shift others into a more positive, and therfore generative, frame of mind.

And so that is where you now find me, as Whisper Shifter, which oddly enough, was the name of my thesis in graduate school. I guess I knew back then. Funny how that works, isn't it? As this is the first installment of my blog, I want you to know that I aim for nothing more than helping others see something new while I continue the journey of my own self-discovery and understanding. It's what we're here for, no? To gain enough of the "stuff" so we can beam back up, there, or wherever it is we're aiming.  There is magic in this world. I know because I've witnessed it on so man levels and with so many different people, not to mention the gardens of paradise we often overlook outside our bedroom windows, or within our own minds.

I'm willing to help you find it.

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