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Come & Think with Me

In our deadline-intensive and electronically taxing existence, we can easily lose ourselves and ignore the most powerful and sustaining force ever given to us - for free - our own imaginiations.

My greatest joy in life often comes from holding space for others while they arrive at their own conclusions, or in helping them create what they first thought was impossible. It begins by taking clients seriously, listening to them, and coaching them through challenging, yet rewarding work.

Guided walks in nature play a big role in how I can help you unlock creative potential. They can also allow you to simply immerse yourself in what nature has to offer:

  • Are you having trouble with pesky writer's block?
  • Got a speech coming up that has you frozen with fear?
  • Feeling disconneted or creatively flat-footed?
  • Need some Human Resource or leadership related brainstorming?
  • Back on the job market and looking to rebrand yourself/your resume?
  • Searching for ways to get that writing project started?
  • Need some positive reinforcement for your ideas?

One-time or ongoing sessions will be fun, safe, explorative and impactful, with a focus on a standard process that anyone can partake in.

I'd love to listen!

Jason Christopher Venner
Whisper Shifter LLC

Whisper Shifter assists individuals, professionals and businesses foster creative power through thinking, writing and walking.